Interview mit Gerda Kindler auf Flutist Connect

Jesse Clark, der Gründer von startete eine Interview Reihe mit Mitglieder -selbstverständlich alle FlötistInnen- der Community. Das erste Interview haben Sie hier bereits lesen können. Das zweite wurde mit der Flötistin Gerda Kindler geführt, das soeben auf Flutistconnect erschienen ist!

What was your path in becoming a professional musician?

My Grandparents were musicians and my mother wished, I could carry on the familiar tradition. She didn’t tell me this, but she took me in the music school if I was 9. I loved play music from the beginning, it was the most natural thing in the whole world. It was unequivocal I will be a musician.

What is your favorite piece of music and why?

I don’t have the favorite piece, but I really like Puccini operas, because of the tragically and romantic feeling. I love Mozart because of his natural positivity and energy. My favorites for flute are the French baroque Composers because of the opportunity for improvisation, creativity and humor.

What advice would you give beginner flutists?

My advice for beginners: Search for a teacher, you really like personally, who is very good in the basics, and who can teach you to love not just playing flute but love music in itself. Be constant and practice regularly. Learn theory and music history to understand the pieces you are playing!

What advice would you give those looking to become a professional musician?

To be a professional musician is not an easy way. You have to bring lot of victim, practice really a lot. You have to be very interested, take lessons from lot of teachers, read books, play a lot on stage and to know theory and also music history very well. Learn to use and show real feelings, that’s the only way to reach your audience. For this it is very important not just to practice all the days but live and see life. Anybody can play fast and have a beautiful sound. You have to be bold to be able to show your heart. If you get it, you will be unique and happy…

Where can people go to find out more about you?

People can find me on (only German) on Facebook and of course on FlutistConnect!

Visit Flutist Connect

Thank you very much, Mr.Clark!!!

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